by Hausu

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Hausu's unique identity lies not in a desire to emulate or imitate those who came before them, but is instead constructed by slicing up the tiny details throughout the wide scope of rock music's history that have shaped them as individual people, and re-arranging them into a collage: the focused totality of what it means to be a Rock Music Performance Group.

Their restraint and attention to detail is increasingly rare in a world plagued by short attention spans and the lust for instant gratification. "Total" is the Portland quartet's very first release after several years of existence, the product of patiently taking time to refine their message, delivery and musical skills. The result is a collection of 10 songs that are tightly wound into a braid that draws deep from the well of hardcore and punk, but is executed with an aesthetic more akin to post-punk, emo or even 90s alternative rock.

While the range of styles and musical complexity exhibited throughout "Total" appears jarring and dissonant on first impression, these variations serve as crucial elements to the multi-faceted nature of having four people in a band following four different paths to their singular vision. The final work is smooth, accessible and complete within the context of itself.


released June 25, 2013

Featuring artwork by Neil Gregerson (Naomi Punk) & Hausu. Recorded & mixed by Dylan Wall. Mastered by Ben Greenberg (of The Men, Hubble, Zs).



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Track Name: Chrysanthemum
a midday lack, I'm sworn into restless days and cold wet shoes
I am here under your s?n chrysanthemum

if our bodies were to meet it would feel like this,
cathartic and empty
swirling distance from the stairs,
cold and gray when you wake up in my room
without me

you're like a tomb, you are closed to me
in my soul i'll keep you close to me

as children we walked in thru garden gates
cloaked in fog with nothing but our bodies
i am your s?n chrysanthemum
Track Name: Leaning Mess
there is something i'm wont to say
i feel it resting in the frigid sound
tarnished body is my human mess
a solitary kingdom for a Pyrrhic son

isn't hard to tell that love's wasting breath has found me
one brush with death to another til he's angry enough to fight

there is no why I did it because it was beautiful, it feels good
i need more moments like these
into the depths my only concern is apparition
a predestined repetition all through to the end

this horrid sun-stained flesh bears itself a screen to projections of the world
and arms eyes and breasts are branches and growth
of my own cold detachment

you now is the only condition
of your having ever been born
into the world, a celestial target
we shower together but are never clean

that's enough
Track Name: 1991 - 2091
bridge is out
crush me, in doubt
couldn't afford to buy the food he thought he'd need to live

eat that which makes you ill, the soured food dost never fill
we are living the same lie, my grip is weakening

needle arm four years in peaceful drought of mother's fears

proffered (sick) body on the sand
i can't wait for you
to pull it out and come back to yourself
Track Name: Gardenia
you asked me to go to the graveyard
my heart shakes in its "boots" <---- i=""> did i really write that lyric??
you were the sun to light up the winter
now you're wilting in a vase on my window

followed you from the cemetery
walked you home, you were with me but i was alone
and all the things that I had thought i might say
had dribbled out and dissipate in front of my face

I don't wanna talk about it anymore, i just wanna feel like im living again
i just wanna move back home, and see my parents and cats
i dont wanna talk about it anymore, i just wanna go back to sleep

& im trapped in the garden, with no books to read or
cigarettes to be smoked
and you're here guarding me
from any force that might do me harm.
Track Name: Recovery
best of luck to he whose luck
applies to they outside
to me
of him

he's breathing out a lozenge

its auspicious, the way she came home
she set it up, i saw it
with a tear, i knew.
the pressure's on, i boiled

you planned it out,
wash your hands,
turn all around,
call your mom,
love her

still, you never asked for much

its a waste of time,
smoker again
easy friend
want it all the fucking time.
Track Name: John Codeine
i'm wearing her like my best shirt
a strong odor, a flesh's worth
estranged from solitude
the bliss i was born out of

the city aura is reified a slicing wind
which cuts that slippery lethargy,
it builds inside, breaking into your house
and sleeping in bed with you

Petrarchan laura, she signifies,
oh, a hollow sign, but still
yeah i still feel ok in a tight cocoon
becoming a body
Track Name: Vasari Joust
said it twice, to feel it again
sickening, we've been here all night
cloiser-punk a wastrel's dream, a set's up
i dunno, the club or the cell, fathering

love it smells lovely but i fall deeply
"how to get high when you're always low"
obssession as a reflex
parrot's beak but weed always speaks

make space for it to come
i cannot describe its contours to you
grow a second skin in which to hide
its impossible, indulge my own erasure
then rest on the couch
the impenetrable;

locked up

fabrication's energy, speaking of a temporal god
said it twice, say it again
you're on a failing path with me
but without it
i get sick
i dunno
Track Name: Kool Off
bodies recoded are moving,
sickness in to health
i wanna dance all night long
i wanna dance the night away

reasons becoming elusive
there's nothing like it in the world
so don't even try to rescind it or remove it
just feel it i wanna dance all night

set up, sit up and put down
move all around here
wasted movements are weakened thoughts

set up, sit up and put down
a potted plant
a persian rug
our boundaries
we trace our boundaries

agony is waiting for all they mistaken
speak in clear and empty voice
bleating, freeing
Track Name: Bleak
where lies the difference between death of the body and
i cant taste it anymore
senseless serve on ice
kissing we'll evaporate sublimated yearning
this will be the last time you hear from me

sleep well in your loneliness
call me when you're up
feating in the garden eating off youer closthe
call upon the gods to give a life so easy
faith will never be enough to quench my thirst