Lost At The Mall

by Nicole Kidman



Lost At The Mall marks Nicole Kidman's return to a focus on his trademark keyboard melodies and gritty drum machine beats, while incorporating the crunching guitar strum he's relied on live as of late. Everything is pushed to the max: his inimitable voice over instruments deep in the red, the distorted boombox never sounded so sweet. Interludes and movie samples soften the blow, but not for long before another shard of pure pop comes along and shatters as quickly as it arrived. Divided between isolation and optimism, the confessional narrative is as fragmented as ever. Maybe being lost at the mall isn't what you thought it'd be like at all.


released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Your Head
Typewriter stopped on the blank white page while fingers dab a desk, turning what will always be into another form of death. It’s a bomb that lives inside your head telling you how to think, a dictionary that lives beside your bed so quiet in words to speak. You try to understand but you can’t understand what’s in your head. This headache building up in your eyes floats to the top and pours out on the sides as you try and you try to describe what’s in your head.
Track Name: 18 Hours
18 hrs. of nothing to see but watch tv. 18 hrs of nothing to see but my dvds. 18 hrs of nothing to see but watch tv.
Track Name: Francine
As I opened up a wing to a doorway a flood upbringing all these words in me and I can’t make sense nor is it who I want to be, and I’m sorry, no I don’t party, that I’m lazy, going crazy.
When I’m at parent’s house I hear the roaring of a sound I hear it call from down the street even with the loud tv and I’m running to her ears til I can barely seem to breathe the long black fur of the best thing to happen to me, Francine
Track Name: Lying on the Cold Hard Ground
(taylor swift cover - 'i knew you were trouble')
Once upon time a few mistakes ago you had me in your sights you got me alone you said that you didn't care and I guess I kinda like that you didn't care but as I fell hard, you took your step back. As I fell hard, you took your step back. (without me, without me). I knew you were trouble when you walked in flew me to places that I'd never been right up until you put me down, right up until you put me down, now im lying on the cold hard ground.
No apologies because he'll never see you crying just pretend he didn't see you crying, while you, as you're drowning, you, as you're drowning, you're drowning, I heard you moved on from whispers in the street but a new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be now I see, now I see. Now I see, now I see. I knew you were trouble when you walked in, flew me to places that I'd never been right up until you put me down now im lying on the cold hard ground.
Track Name: Nods To Nothing
There's one thing that I know is it's not safe to be at home when you feel like shit on the inside. You break out a pen and write it all out once again - your top 10 reasons to live through morning. And I'll push myself but I'm just nodding to nothing, I know. I can't keep talking onto sheets but a friend is a friend is a ghost. You break out into sweat thinking about things to forget. Slam your head into a fridge. Your hands grip your head as you hang out on a ledge and think about the serenity of death. My new friend and I sit at a table and we cry he's sharing stories of his own. He shines mint green, as I nod to his stories of everything, as he's singing about the things that I wouldn't ever have known. (Oh yah) It’s a nod to nothing I know but it's a nod to nothing that helps me feel less alone / And I'll tell myself that I'm nodding to nothing so I know, I'm sorry cruel fate can’t you just leave my head alone
Track Name: R.I.P Lady T (w/ Leigh)
(teena marie cover - 'lovergirl')
All i want to do Is be your one and only lover I just want to rock your world I need your love & i won’t bring no pain A little birdy told me That you feel the same I'm for the real & for you I’m true blue lets make a deal All i want to do is be your only All i want to do is be
“I had a huge picture fall off a hotel room wall, it hit me in the head while I was sleeping.” – Teena Marie
Track Name: Dictionaries
I pulled down my dictionary and a bunch of the words were highlighted - I could look around and investigate but it’s ok, I know who did it. Her eyes stared so deep into this place and most everything, she likes to make her mark next to the words that her eyes had seen & move her mouth to mouth the words without saying much of anything, I hold the book up to my chest and smell her in the highlight ink; fall back into an hour of what I hope will soon be sleep; (while) every fiber navigates through a cluster-fuck of two feelings. My brain feels so empty and uncomfortable like constantly. The side effects of begging please while wallowing in misery, while washed away in misery.
Track Name: Happiness Exists
[But] You shuffle through the crowds [still] trying so hard to figure out Why the faces all around don't seem to really care about The love within their veins, they're not yet clones but all the same And they run from everything And they run from everything They're scratching heights amongst the walls But i don't even care at all Folded arms to hide the pain Of losing fast at everything Sinking feelings, melted brains Doesn't matter, all the same Digging hard to find a place Where you could run to everyday But I know happiness exists I know its there, because I miss it Well i want some Well i want some Well i waaant some
Track Name: Head in the Oven (feat. Whitman)
Where can you go to get away From a word, a thought, a phrase Looping over and over Within your brain I feel so tense And so un-put-together A cigarette to replace toothpaste Coffee mugs of 4loko to prove i can still laugh, And an oven to lie my head in I've got my head in the oven and it hurts to know that it has come to this