Koz Park

by Vehicle Blues



Bridgetown #56
C5 cassette tape
A brand new one-two punch from Chicago heavyweight Gabe Holcombe. The current champion of concise bedroom shoegaze hits where it hurts without leaving a moment to breathe. Rejecting the superficial fluff, Holcombe condenses the bottled up feelings of everyone who's ever felt alone and the optimism of returning to your feet and getting your life back into pure and focused textural pop. Downtuned despair with no downtime. The crowning moments of the Vehicle Blues discography. Packaged with a glossy 6-panel j-card featuring vintage photography from 1936 by one of Gabe's family friends.

First edition of 100 in 2011
Second edition of 10 in 2014


released June 10, 2011



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Track Name: Koz Park
oh you're my city girl
hey i wanna see that voice

wanna stay in your room
wanna sleep on your legs

all the kids on the street
sign flashing onto your wall

little gray shirt
spray your name on my roof

living here is so hard
being here is so hard
Track Name: Oscar Bought A Boat
find him in the bay asleep inside
girls in their beds trying not to cry

then he left town in boat one day
then he left this town and sailed away

people in the morning on their way to work
dead city alleys in a passionless jerk

wanna find the piece that's gone away
wanna find the piece that's gone away