Healthy Men

by No Paws



In the five years since No Paws' debut release on Bridgetown, the core duo of Sam Woodson and Rogers DeCoud have channeled the charm of 80s new wave and post-punk through the modern filter of contemporary DIY. Now solidified as a 4-piece, "Healthy Men" stands as their magnum opus, a deeply introspective reflection on relationships with others and oneself. 9 songs for looking closer inside. Pristine synths swirl around propulsive drum beats and shiny bass tones while Woodson's heartfelt words tremble and bounce off the mirror.


released June 1, 2013



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Bridgetown Records Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Landlocked
oh sender call to me
oh sender used to never let me be
oh sender oh sender oh
be fair this is everything
everything I was and what I used to be
oh sender has let me go

brute men fight for anything
what's left when there is nothing left but he?
try letting try letting go
be fair this is everything
everything I was and what I used to be
oh sender has let me go you gotta let me go

you can't wait here for the end, that you know
everything's set and we're ready to go
it sounds so strange when you say it aloud
but it keeps me from crumbling

you break the stem you must pay the cost
you hold the name, but your trailing off
its just so strange when we see you around
like friends turned enemies, but your gone

I've shown myself to the mirror
there's no escaping
I have seen myself
and there is no deception
at all
Track Name: Failings
it breaks my heart slow
to see you letting go again
to undo everything
I can’t watch my father failing

pessimism’s passed
you can’t fill up an empty glass
you undo everything
I can’t see you’ve covered up your tracks

It’s nothing I get it
You tell me “forget it”
Your terrible feelings
You’re losing, you’re failing
And you’re red upon my checks and in my eyes
Track Name: Different Dreams
It’s just a crutch
It holds you up when you get tired
It’s just to much
Believe in anyone to come
Believe in age
If you believe in me I’ll believe in you
We could build your dreams
I’ll build them as high as I can do

Everything you want
Dances in your view
Everything you want
Is closer and closer to

Remembering dreams
Different dreams turn into days
And then they fade away
But inside your memory they stay
Kept comfortably
And undone by destiny
Track Name: Healthy Men
Bright sun for the “healthy men”
I’ve seen sun shine of their skin
If there afraid of death
I’m afraid of it too
Islands in an endless sea
Heaven’s ships were never sent for me
For the “healthy men” and me have different destinys

We could make up the time
I have seen you laugh and I see that you’re trying all the time
But when you’re down on your knees
and you’re begging god for anything, for anything
just say you will

Bright sun for the “healthy men”
Needles dance on tender skin
If you’re tremblin’
I am tremblin’ too
Track Name: Consistence
You can mark the spaces as you feel
It will make it easier
Consistence is the only fear
Loneliness comes easier
You make it up sometimes
How I wish that you were lying now

It’s understood
Forget the names you had wrote down
It’s understood
Days like any other day

Pierced hearts don’t break they empty out
You’re overwhelmed
It was easy when you were lying down
To blame yourself
Confused, in love and and full of doubt
You blame yourself. Okay, blame yourself
Track Name: Territory (feat. Freddy Ruppert)
Territorial by nature
I held off just to see the danger
Cut cloth serves a different story
I hold onto everything
I know it walks beside me
And most days it holds so tightly
Is love an awful feeling?
You know I’d fight for anything

I’m gone
if not for the territory

I’ve changed my mind

(Freddy Ruppert vocal)
What if I said these dreams still haunt me?
In your empty bed you still find me
Speak everything and make it binding
I’m begging you to hold onto everything

Dig a grave and lay me in it
Take my heart you’ve set fire to it
Tell me all of the lies that won me
It’s not love unless it buries me

I’m gone
I’m begging you to own me

I’ve changed my mind
Track Name: Lacerate Wildly
We’re alone in the water
You’re hands are ice
I could save us if I bothered
It wouldn’t suffice
Hear the flags they call to you
But you don’t wait like you used to
Ignore the pain, it doesn’t mean a thing
Ignore the pain, it’s all you should do

All these different dreams
Or only your own
You speak but don’t say anything
You sleep here alone

The waves are foaming over us
Thet’re are breaking over us
They’re taking me below
Track Name: Celestial Bodies
(They said the moon, the earth was falling apart
They said the moon had been bruised upon it’s backside)
Sometimes distance makes one feel better
as if distance and feeling correlate simultaneously
both increase together but to maintain feeling
while recommitting is an indicator

Falling asleep at night, to say goodbye or goodnight
Falling asleep on holiday from each other
Miles in dreams further from lovers
Awakened from rest, the attitude forgotten
Consenting smiles, welcomed and forgotten goodbyes

(the door is shut)
Track Name: We Were Giants Orbiting
Curl up instead
It eats away at your side
Forcing yourself into the light
Remember grace just to keep you
It’s sunken in your eyes
Over night just to take you
Never a reason why or a reason to try

Forfeit the goal
To go away in humble light
Sleep in so
Forcing myself to try
(try try try try)
“Healthy men”, for this we stay alive